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Leveraging Value from Open Data Through Collaboration

Peter Pirnejad (City of Palo Alto)
Data Driven Business
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Open Data for some jurisdictions has been an innovative way to share data and spark innovative new civic applications. For others, it has been an experiment they are waiting to congeal. In either case, the question of ROI and value are still pressing. We have assembled a panel of experts to explore this business model in a way that can present value to your organization. Local Agencies are continuously seeking ways to generate more value and lowering costs. What are the lessons learned in this experiment as well as proven approaches from Palo Alto and beyond that help transform open data from an experiment to a successful business model for local agencies? We will look at what additional steps and hurdles cities should be aware of if they seek to gain value for their organization and constituents through the use of their data. Weather you have open data or are exploring the opportunity, the value proposition lies in the ability to extract value from this service. The paper explores way to bridge that gap for many cities on the fence and identify new methods to extract more value from those cities already enjoying the benefits of open data. The key, as we will see, is ability for the agency to quickly partner with the application developer in a way that helps deliver a viable product that adds value to the organization, the constituents and the developer’s sponsor.

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Peter Pirnejad

Director of Development Services, City of Palo Alto

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