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Mining Student Notes in Real Time to Provide Study Guides

Perry Samson (University of Michigan)
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LectureTools ( is a web application created by the author that provides more opportunities for students to participate in class. Integrated with most Learning Management Systems independent research has shown that LectureTools both increases attentiveness and engagement in large classes. Instructors can create a wide range of questions for their students including multiple choice, reorder list, association, free response, and image-based. Students can

1) Type notes synchronized with the lecture slides;
2) Pose questions and view answers;
3) Draw on lecture slides;
4) Respond to instructor questions;
5) Print lecture slides and notes for off-line review.

This presentation discusses research using this tool that explores how best to mine the input from students in real-time to provide opportunities for adaptive learning. Simple efforts to provide “lecture clouds” of words typed have been expanded to intelligently guide students to additional resources as a result of their notes. This presentation is hands-on and provides an opportunity for the audience to participate as students to experience mining of their notes and the feedback provided.

Photo of Perry Samson

Perry Samson

Professor, University of Michigan

Perry J. Samson—is Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences and in the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan. Perry is the recipient of the College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award, 2009 Teaching Innovation Award and the 2010 Distinguished Professor of the Year in the State of Michigan. Professor Samson is an entrepreneur as co-founder of LectureTools ( and the Weather Underground (