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Minority Report Meets Big Data: Touch and Interactive Big Data is Here

Justin Langseth (Zoomdata, Inc.), Eva Andreasson (Cloudera)
GA Ballroom K
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Many companies have adopted a strategy to move most of their data processing onto Hadoop to solve for storage and processing at scale. Technologies, such as Impala, raises the bar for query performance onto a large scale platform. But still, there is a wide gap between having the infrastructure to cope with various types and large volumes of data and actually obtain insight in a timely and intuitive manner.

Attending this session will provide two things:

1. Insight into how others have gotten new insights across previously siloed data sources – based on real world examples and real world data!

2. Ideas on how you can easily visualize various types of data and bridge the gap from storage and processing to insight.

We will show how using so called “micro-aggregate delegation” enables users to see results immediately, achieving instantaneous analysis of arbitrarily large amounts of raw data. We will also explain the “Death Star Join” approach that allows for joining of micro-aggregate streams from disparate Hadoop, NoSQL, and legacy sources together – while they are in-flight!

Last but not least, we will demonstrate how touch and gesture comes in as intuitive ways of changing what you see on the spot, and how these capabilities help modify your view with your thought process – a natural way of understanding data!

Photo of Justin Langseth

Justin Langseth

Founder & CEO, Zoomdata, Inc.

Justin is CEO of Zoomdata, Inc. Prior to Zoomdata, Justin was the co-founder of Clarabridge and the inventor of Clarabridge’s award-winning, patented, text analytics software.

Prior to Clarabridge, Justin co-founded and was CTO of Claraview, a BI strategy and technology consultancy, which was sold to Teradata in 2008. Before founding Claraview, Justin served as founder and CTO of, a real-time data analysis and alerting subsidiary of MicroStrategy.

Prior to launching, he was a technology program manager and consultant at MicroStrategy, designing the second-generation web-based BI tool for MicroStrategy, and working with large customers on their BI deployments.

In the early 1990′s Justin was active in the BBS community, and he authored and marketed the EIS-PC BBS system. Justin is an expert in text mining, specifically related to integration of unstructured content. He currently holds seven technology patents. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received an SB in Management of Information Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Photo of Eva Andreasson

Eva Andreasson

Director, Product Management, Cloudera

Eva Andreasson has been working with Java virtual machine technologies, SOA, Cloud, and other enterprise middleware solutions for the past 10 years. Joined the startup Appeal Virtual Machines in 2001, as a developer of the JRockit JVM, which later was acquired by BEA Systems. Eva has been awarded two patents on Garbage Collection heuristics and algorithms. She also pioneered Deterministic Garbage Collection which later became productized through JRockit Real Time. Eva has worked closely with Sun and Intel on many technical partnerships, as well as various integration projects of JRockit Product Group, WebLogic, and Coherence (post the Oracle acquisition in 2008). After two years as the product manager for Zing, the worlds most pauseless JVM, at Azul Systems, she joined Cloudera in 2012 to help drive the future of distributed data processing through Cloudera’s Distribution of Hadoop.