Chaitan Baru

Chaitan Baru
SDSC/UC San Diego

Website | @CLDS_BigData

Chaitan Baru is Distinguished Scientist and Associate Director Data Initiatives at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California San Diego, where he also directs the Center for Large-scale Data Systems Research (CLDS). Baru’s interests are in research and development in the areas of parallel database systems, scientific data management, data analytics, and the challenges of data-driven science and data-driven enterprises. Baru has played a leadership role in a number of national-scale cyberinfrastructure R&D efforts across a wide range of science disciplines from earth sciences to ecology, biomedical informatics, and healthcare. Prior to joining SDSC in 1996, Baru led one of the development teams at IBM for an early UNIX-based shared-nothing database systems (DB2 Parallel Edition) and also led a team that produced the first result for an industry-standard decision support benchmark (TPC-D). Over the past one year, Baru has led the effort to create a Big Data Benchmarking community, leading to the proposal to create a BigData100 List, borrowing benchmarking ideas from the high-performance computing and transaction processing and database communities.


Hadoop in Practice Great America Ballroom K
Milind Bhandarkar (Greenplum, A Division of EMC), Chaitan Baru (SDSC/UC San Diego)
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We will describe the BigData Top100 List initiative—an new, open, community-based effort for benchmarking big data systems. Read more.


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