Lynwood Bishop

Lynwood Bishop
President, Map Large, Inc.

Website | @maplarge

Lynwood Bishop is President of Map Large, Inc.

Dynamic Visualization of Big Data: The MapLarge API can render millions of interactive points and shapes with no pre-caching or client side processing.

MapLarge maintains a cutting edge data visualization API for dynamic maps, charts and interactive query interfaces with machine assisted pattern recognition and data mining analytics. Our distributed platform has utilized thousands of servers to process large jobs. We can provide both existing product and R&D services.

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Lynwood Bishop (Map Large, Inc.)
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The human eye can detect infinitesimal patterns in the world around us. Shouldn’t we make use of this amazing skill when recognizing patterns or detecting anomalies in big data? In this session we’ll explore why rendering every pixel is a challenge with big data and look at how these limitations can be overcome. Read more.


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