Ryan Boyd

Ryan Boyd
Director, Developer Relations, Neo4j

Website | @ryguyrg 

San Francisco-based software engineer, authNZ geek, data geek, and graph geek Ryan Boyd is director of developer relations for Neo4j, an open source graph database that powers connected data analysis in data journalism, cancer resource, and some of the world’s top companies. Previously, he was head of developer relations for Google Cloud Platform and worked on over 20+ different APIs and developer products during his eight years at Google. Ryan is the author of Getting Started with OAuth 2.0 by O’Reilly. Now that he has a young daughter, he no longer skydives but still enjoys the adventures of sailing and cycling.


Beyond Hadoop, Data Science Ballroom H
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Tuesday.
Ryan Boyd (Neo4j), Michael Manoochehri (Google, Inc.), Julia Ferraioli (Google)
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When data volume and velocity become massive, processing and analysis solutions require specialized technologies for different parts of the data pipeline. Google’s Cloud Platform is designed to help you focus on building applications, not infrastructure. We’ll demonstrate how to build end to end Big Data applications - from data collection, to analysis, to reporting and visualization. Read more.


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