Medical Data: Going from Hospitals to Home

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Medical level information is becoming increasingly accessible to consumers, and Rest Devices is looking to transform the way that people – and, more specifically, parents – view, interpret, analyze, and use biometric information. By utilizing medical grade sensing technology and retooling it for the consumers, Rest Devices is creating new standards, platforms, and data libraries for respiration, sleep, and physiological development. Accompanying our reliance on data, however, is a deep need for design, as the user interface for consumer hardware has become increasingly significant.

This talk will discuss Rest Devices proprietary low-cost sensor technology, its use of and vision for big biometric data, and the need for design integration in all facets of product development, be it software or hardware.

Photo of Carson Darling

Carson Darling

Rest Devices

Carson is a mechanical engineer from MIT with additional expertise in computer science and electrical engineering. He worked previously at Cool Earth Solar and Alliance H. Inc., where he created testing and data systems as well as designed and manufactured prototypes for various products. Additionally, he worked for several years on the MIT Formula SAE Race Car Team, where he designed car-specific dual independent suspension systems. In his role at Rest, he leads the team’s electronic and web development.


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