Office Hour with Dean Malmgren and Mike Stringer

Expo Hall (Table B)

Poor design is the biggest obstacle to achieving the transformative potential of data.

Designing using data as a resource is hard. Some people have perceived needs (“I need clustering!”) without really understanding what their needs actually are (“I need more customers!”). Dashboards designed by techies tend to evolve toward complexity (“A word cloud!”), making them less useful for other humans (“WTF?!”).

The focus of this “office hours” session is to discuss strategies for data scientists and their colleagues to develop useful solutions for the humans that ultimately need to use them. We will draw on our experience and openly discuss strategies for teasing out the true problem that needs to be solved.

Photo of Dean Malmgren

Dean Malmgren

Datascope Analytics

Dean Malmgren is co-founder and managing partner of Datascope Analytics. As an author of several peer-reviewed publications on big data analytics and visualization, Dean is excited about bringing cutting-edge techniques out of research and into practice. When not teasing himself or others, Dean can be found swimming, cycling, or running for silly long distances. Dean received a BS in math and chemical engineering from the University of Michigan and a PhD in chemical engineering from Northwestern University.

Photo of Mike Stringer

Mike Stringer

Datascope Analytics

Mike Stringer is cofounder and managing partner of consulting and design firm Datascope Analytics, where he has led or contributed to projects across a variety of industries for clients including Procter & Gamble and Thomson Reuters. Mike is passionate about realizing the potential for data to be used as a resource to make a positive impact on business and society. He also enjoys decidedly non-data-oriented activities, including exploring the amazing food in Chicago, playing and listening to music, and generally making things from scratch. Mike holds a BS in engineering physics from the University of Colorado and a PhD in physics from Northwestern University.


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