The Hadoop Data Reservoir - Requirements and Pitfalls

Sponsored Sessions Ballroom G

The success of Hadoop has led many enterprises to the same common vision: a central repository of data, inexpensive, efficient, and scalable. This “Data Reservoir” eliminates data silos and feeds all business analytic applications. Driving this vision is an ideal that business users should have access to all the data they need, without limitation, and be able to explore and combine internal and external datasets to answer questions that have not been possible or practical in the past.

Implementation of the vision has been slow and in many cases has not lived up to expectations. The promise of this new technology has been overhyped. IT teams have been left managing yet another data source leading back to the existing data silos we were trying to avoid.

This talk will examine the pitfalls we have found in working with customers and the requirements that, when followed have led to success. Including:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Self-Service Access
  • Metadata Consistency and Management

We will present a reference architecture for the Hadoop Data Reservoir and discuss ecosystem technologies required to make it a reality.

This session is sponsored by Platfora

Photo of Peter Schlampp

Peter Schlampp


Pete is the VP of Products at Platfora. He is responsible for early development, product design, and the roadmap for Platfora’s products. Pete spends most of his time working with enterprise customers to solve their big data BI needs. Prior to Platfora, he was VP of Products and Marketing at Solera Networks, building network security analytics products to store, search, and analyze every packet traversing 10 GigE networks. Early in his career he lead Products for IronPort Systems – the first company to solve spam at Internet scale – which was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007.


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