Using Data to Honor the Human Right to Education

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More than ever before, students are using the Internet to study, leaving behind a trail of valuable data. How can we leverage this data to improve education? Learning analytics focused on tracking student activity and performance provides strong insights, but the bigger opportunity is to “close-the-loop” and use the data for the student’s benefit. With Gooru (, a free search engine for learning, we can see what web resources are the most popular, what topics students are looking to study, how much time students are spending studying specific resources and the corresponding learning outcome. With this data, we can deliver personalized learning on a scale that can honor the human right to education.

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Prasad Ram


Prasad Ram (aka Pram) is the Founder and CEO of Gooru. While working at Google, Pram devised a prototype of a search engine for learning. What began as a “20% effort” evolved into a year-long pilot in India that included 1,000 students across 25 classrooms. Pram subsequently left Google to pursue Gooru as a non-profit education technology start-up in Silicon Valley with a mission to honor the human right to education.

Prior to founding Gooru, Pram worked as the head of Google R&D in India, CTO for Yahoo! India and research scientist at Xerox Research. He has led the development of many products such as Google Maps, News and Translate as well as many technologies in search, ad targeting, and digital rights management. Pram has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA, and he obtained his B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT-Bombay.


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