Real Time Network Analytics with Storm

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With the growth in volume and velocity of data, businesses need a scalable solution alongside batch processing to process events on the fly and provide real time insights. The canonical use case is log file analysis, for which Hadoop is well suited as part of a batch process. However, there is a need to understand and detect the events contained within the data and make that insight available to the organization so that it can react rapidly. The open-source real-time platform Storm provides a distributed and fault-tolerant solution to analyze streams of data, run complex distributed computations, and integrate with scalable distributed storage such as Cassandra.

In this session, we will describe how we used Storm to analyze network data to detect causes of network performance degradation. We will describe:
- Mechanisms for ingestion of network data
- Processing data at high velocity from multiple streams
- Deriving appropriate real time analytical models
- Creating Storm topologies to execute the analytics and events processing in real time

Photo of Mauricio Vacas

Mauricio Vacas

Silicon Valley Data Science

Mauricio Vacas is a solution architect for Accenture Technology Labs, Accenture’s dedicated R&D group, focusing on Data and Platforms. Currently, Mauricio is investigating the role of analytics and visualization in big data and developing a platform to support real-time and ad-hoc analysis of data using tools such as R, Mahout, Hadoop, and Cassandra among others.

Photo of Fausto Inestroza

Fausto Inestroza

Accenture Technology Labs

Fausto Inestroza is an architect at the Accenture Technology Labs, the dedicated R&D organization of Accenture. His focus is on data platforms, analytical processes and distributed systems.

Photo of Sonali Parthasarathy

Sonali Parthasarathy

Accenture Labs

Sonali Parthasarathy is a developer at the Accenture Technology Labs. Her primary areas of interest include ETL processes, Hadoop, Pentaho, Storm and complex event processing.


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