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Mapping was one of the first data visualization techniques, and still remains one of the most powerful. Mapping data grounds the data in a connection to the real world, and gives us a context for understanding that world.

The last seven years has seen an explosion of mapping on the web, as various map apis put the power of mapping in the hands of developers. However, getting large amounts of data onto a map was restricted by limited browsers and the difficulty of setting up tile renderers. This in turn limited the ability of users to interact with large data sets as every request had to round trip to the server.

New browser capabilities are starting to allow for rich interaction with large datasets. This session will explore dynamic visualizations over large data sets, and look at both the capabilities and challenges of setting up a browser based, user centric approach to the interactive visualizations.

Photo of Mano Marks

Mano Marks

Google, Inc.

Mano joined Google’s Geo API team in 2006. He helps people all over
the world develop and deploy their content in KML and Google Maps,
working with large companies, small startups, and international aid
organizations. Before coming to Google, Mano had an eclectic career
that involved getting a Masters in History, a Masters in Information
Management and Systems, and working as a data manager in social service and public benefit organizations for over a decade.

Brendan Kenny


Brendan is an engineer on the Geo Developer Relations team. Prior to joining Google, he split his career between teaching math and helping advance the state of the web. Now he gets to do both.


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