Hands-on with BDAS - Learn Spark, Spark Streaming and Shark via Real Data Analysis - Part 2

Beyond Hadoop Room 204
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This tutorial follows up on our previous tutorial introducing BDAS, the open-source Berkeley Data Analytics Stack. Attendees will use Spark and Shark, two key components of BDAS, to manipulate a real-world Wikipedia dataset. We will provide each audience member access to a Spark/Shark cluster running on EC2 and walk them through hands-on coding examples. Attendees will learn how to use the Spark and Shark command line interfaces to perform ad-hoc analysis that take advantage of Spark’s in-memory caching primitives to speed up queries by an order of magnitude. The lessons will include practice using Spark’s Java and Scala language APIs and Shark’s SQL-like query language. Additionally, users will write a more complex standalone Spark program that uses a parallel machine learning algorithm (K-Means Clustering) to analyze a real Wikipedia dataset.

Photo of Matei Zaharia

Matei Zaharia


Matei Zaharia is a fifth-year PhD student at UC Berkeley, working with Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica on topics in cloud computing, operating systems, networking, and algorithms for large-scale data processing. He is the lead developer of the Spark programming framework, and also a committer on Apache Mesos and Apache Hadoop. He got his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Photo of Reynold Xin

Reynold Xin


Reynold Xin is a third-year PhD student in the AMP Lab at UC Berkeley. He leads the development of the Shark project, which won the Best Demo Award at SIGMOD 2012. He is also the recipient of the inaugural Best Demo Award at VLDB 2011 for his work on the CrowdDB system. Before graduate school, he worked on ads infrastructure at Google and distributed databases at IBM. His interests include data management systems, distributed systems, and algorithms for large-scale data processing.

Photo of Andy Konwinski

Andy Konwinski

UC Berkeley

Andy Konwinski is a postdoc in the AMPLab at UC Berkeley focused on large scale distributed computing and cluster scheduling. He co-created and is a committer on the Apache Mesos project that has been adopted by Twitter as their private cloud platform. He also worked with systems engineers and researchers at Google on Omega, their next generation cluster scheduling system. More recently, he lead the AMP Camp Big Data Bootcamp and has been contributing to the Spark project.

Photo of Tathagata Das

Tathagata Das


Tathagata Das is an Apache Spark committer and a member of the PMC. He is the lead developer behind Spark Streaming, which he started while a PhD student in the UC Berkeley AMPLab, and is currently employed at Databricks. Prior to Databricks, Tathagata worked at the AMPLab, conducting research about data-center frameworks and networks with Scott Shenker and Ion Stoica.

Photo of Patrick Wendell

Patrick Wendell


Patrick Wendell is a cofounder of Databricks as well as a founding committer and PMC member of Apache Spark. Patrick has acted as release manager for several Spark releases in addition to maintaining several subsystems of Spark’s core engine. At Databricks, Patrick directs the company’s maintenance and development of Spark.

Patrick holds an MS in computer science from UC Berkeley, where his research focused on low-latency scheduling for large-scale analytics workloads, and a BSE in computer science from Princeton University.


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