How Hadoop in the Cloud Affects Developer-Friendly Decision Making

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Rethinking your use of Hadoop in light of the superpowers cloud gives you opens up the possibilities for new patterns of work that are uniquely developer-friendly for you and your organization.

Patterns of work like tuning your cluster to the job, knowing to put your cluster away when you’re not using it, and why the first priority of any analytics cluster should be downtime. Each of these, when applied, are decisions that directly impact the happiness of developers and that should be the first considerations when deciding to spin up any Hadoop cluster.

In this talk, you’ll hear from Flip Kromer, co-founder and CTO of Infochimps, as he walks you through a series of decision trees outlining why Hadoop in the cloud can be a powerful combination, helping to make clusters cheaper and developers happier.

Photo of Philip (Flip) Kromer

Philip (Flip) Kromer


As the co-founders and CTO of Infochimps, my mission is to build tools to organize, connect and comprehend massive information streams.

At Infochimps, we’ve built a cloud architecture capable of spinning up clusters as large as 60 nodes with the push of a button, using devops to make this possible with minimal distraction. We’re also the authors of Wukong, the most-used frameworks for Ruby streaming in Hadoop.


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