We Have Fancy Math, Now What?

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There’s been a tremendous amount of innovation, creativity, and hard work around data over the past half decade. We’ve seen the rise and convergence of complex mathematical approaches, machine learning, compute ability at scale, and the human expertise to drive innovation. And many organizations that are wondering: now what?

Extending much of the hard work around big data, we’ll focus on how do we take all these powerful tools and empower organizations to drive actionable decisions and strategies from data. We’ll share what we’ve found exploring how human psychology, collaborative dynamics, gamification, and design can be utilized to not only improve what we’re doing now, but drive where we are going.

Our hypothesis is that it’s not so much about Hadoop, Hive, Scala, Python, and R (while those are very important) – as it is about human psychology, organizational dynamics and transformation, and ultimately navigating a larger cultural shift. We are passionate about sharing our findings with the larger community so that we can all harness the tremendous value of the convergence of data, technology, design, and humans to make a larger dent in the universe.

We’ll explore and share the challenges we’ve found around:

Discoverability and Exploration (Making large data topologies as easy to consume as media)
Automation of Pattern Discovery
Data Silos and the META Genome
Mechanisms to tell compelling stories from data

We’ll share:

Where We Have Been (The Past Half Decade)
The rise of scalable compute power and the new frontier of data technology (it’s just started)

Where We Are Now
The rush to the front line (Where is the context?)
The dreaded Now What?

Where We Are Going
Human Psychology and Organizational Dynamics
How to transform the organization
It’s about a cultural shift in order to actualize the potential

Photo of Timothy Mohn

Timothy Mohn


Timothy Mohn is a entrepreneur and scientist with 20 years of technology experience. Previously he developed HBOGO, founded Pratt Institute’s Digital Arts Research Lab, and worked with a renowned design firm where he focused on replicating and enhancing physical architectural experiences in the cloud. He was one of the founders of MedNet Systems, a startup focused on a collaborative diagnosis platform for liver biopsy diagnosis and a cloud based certification platform for the FDA and large pharmaceutical organizations. Follow Tim on Twitter – @m3thdman.

Timothy’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, and elsewhere and has won numerous awards from AIGA, ID Magazine, Critique Magazine and Communication Arts. He holds a MS from NYU where he was a Tisch Fellow. He is the author of “Technology In The Private Equity Firm” from PEI Media, was an early contributor to Processing, a programming language and development environment at MIT (www.processing.org).

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Picture of Andrew Blair
Andrew Blair
02/25/2013 1:31pm PST

As the Cofounder of DataSimple I’m excited to see Tim speak at this event.


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