Turning a Telco's Network Data into Insights for Retailers

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The usage of the billion of mobile phones world-wide leaves data traces that telco operators have traditionally used to improve their core business in different ways: network monitoring, quality of experience management, network planning, etc. Different studies of human mobility patterns have been conducted using the geo-located data traces left at the telecommunication networks, but these have been generally academic studies over a (temporal, geographical, or population) data sample from different operators.

In this talk, we present smart steps, a product created by Telefonica Digital to provide dynamic insights to retailers on footfall volumes and trends across an entire country, converting billions of geo-located data points registered by the operator network probes into information that enables businesses to decide where to open a shop, opening times, staffing, etc. Collecting big volumes of data from existing systems, dealing with identity protection and user privacy, building the right analytics to model footfall from network events, industrialising models with Hadoop, and creating a compelling end user tool for retailers have been all challenges we have gone through to launch a global data monetisation product that extends the core business of a telecommunications operator.

The launch of this product, the first of its kind launched by one of the biggest telco operators worldwide, and how it was taken from the conception of the idea to its launch in several countries is an exciting journey we’ll guide you through in this session.

Photo of Rubén Lara Hernández

Rubén Lara Hernández

Telefonica Digital

Ruben Lara heads the user modelling area of Telefonica Digital, part of its Product Development and Innovation unit. He holds a PhD in computer science.

Michael Fishwick

Telefonica Digital

Michael Fishwick heads the Global Business Intelligence unit of Telefonica Digital.

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Sheldon Monteiro
02/26/2013 6:13am PST

Excellent session Michael and Ruben. Two questions: How do you determine how much the data and insight you are providing is worth/priced? What kind of programmatic (API) access to you provide to retailers to your analysis?


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