Using HBase effectively - What You Need to Know as an Application Developer

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HBase is one of the new NoSQL data stores that have come up in the recent years and has been gaining popularity at a fast pace. It is a true open source implementation of the Google Bigtable, and is a part of the Hadoop ecosystem. HBase is known to scale to 100s of nodes easily, providing fast random access to terabytes and petabytes of data. This tutorial is to get you started in the world of HBase so you can build a scalable application of your own.

We’ll accomplish this by covering the following aspects:

  1. The background of HBase as a datastore
  2. Setting up HBase on a *nix machine (bring your laptop with Linux on it. Macs work just as well and so does a remote EC2 instance)
  3. Build a real world application from ground up, thinking about scale from the get go. The application will use HBase as it’s backend store.
  4. HBase data model and schema design basics
  5. Overview of HBase internals and design and what that means for your application

We’ll also touch upon the following topics:

  1. Production deployment strategies and things to think about
  2. Tuning HBase for different workloads and performance testing your system

At the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a good understanding of how to effectively use HBase as the backend store for your application.

Photo of Jonathan Hsieh

Jonathan Hsieh

Cloudera, Inc

Jonathan Hsieh is a software engineer at Cloudera. He is an Apache HBase committer, and Apache Flume founder.

Photo of Himanshu Vashishtha

Himanshu Vashishtha

Cloudera, Inc.

Himanshu Vashishtha is a Software engineer at Cloudera. He works in the HBase team.
He did his MSc and BTech from University of Alberta, and Indian Institute of Technology Varanasi, respectively.

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Picture of Jonathan Hsieh
Jonathan Hsieh
02/27/2013 7:15am PST


Looks like the slides are up now!

Enjoy! Jon

Picture of Jonathan Hsieh
Jonathan Hsieh
02/27/2013 6:21am PST


I’ve sent the slides to the organizers today, so hopefully they will show up in the next day or so.


Minakshi Mukherjee
02/26/2013 11:49am PST

Hi Jon,

I attended the session today. Are you going to post the slides? Mina

Picture of Jonathan Hsieh
Jonathan Hsieh
02/25/2013 11:05pm PST


I believe the session will be recorded. However, it may only be available for folks who have paid for a recent strata conference, or who have paid for the session. I’ll be posting a copy of the slides publicly after the talk is done.


Picture of Jean-Marc Spaggiari
Jean-Marc Spaggiari
02/25/2013 9:10pm PST

Hi Jonathan,

Do you know if this session will be recorded and avaible somewhere?



Picture of Jonathan Hsieh
Jonathan Hsieh
02/25/2013 4:29pm PST

Hi John,

Though not required, you can download hbase using these commands:

Download and untar wget tar xvfz hbase-0.94.5.tar.gz cd hbase-0.94.5 bin/ Verify: bin/hbase shell Browse http://localhost:60010

Alternately, you can use a virtual machine image that can be downloaded from here:

Hope it helps! Jon.

John Schwab
02/24/2013 11:39pm PST

Are the required downloads available ahead of time for the “Using HBase Effectively” tutorial?


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