A Model Strategy for Data Journalism in a Country Without Open Data

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Join us for a model strategy for data journalism, managing big data, in a country without open data. We will present 3 Case Study for Argentina:
Database transportation subsidies; Analysis of data from health insurance payments and Monitoring of efficiency fund a loan from the World Bank to the Argentine government
What were the boundary conditions?
No Law on Access to Information
No Open Data
No Open Government

We will show how we could design a news apps with data scattered in various government websites, repositories, databases, some semi-open, others closed, mostly in PDF.
We will also discuss what strategies were used with simple and free tools: Create a Data Team, join to hackathons, evangelization in the newsroom from personal training and by projects and promote a the fist Latinamerican Data Fest, in spanish, to open and data mining.

Finally, we will give a preview of our work and discuss the impact of the Data Team’s work in a country with no open data.

Photo of Sandra Crucianelli

Sandra Crucianelli

International Center for Journalists

Sandra Crucianelli is a Knight International Journalism Fellow who is an investigative journalist and instructor. She specializes in digital resources and data journalism. She is the founder and editor of Sololocal.Info, an online magazine that provides hyper-local news in Bahía Blanca City, Argentina, and has been an instructor and consultant for the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas, Austin, since 2004.
Crucianelli also is an instructor for Florida International University’s International Media Center and the author of Digital Tools for Journalists, a Spanish- and Portuguese-language resource. She is on the advisory board of the Digital Journalism Center at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. She was one of the first journalists working outside Argentina’s capital to focus on investigative reporting. Crucianelli also worked at Channel 7, where she was a news analyst and launched an investigative-journalism team.

Photo of Angélica  Peralta Ramos

Angélica Peralta Ramos

La Nacion Newspaper

Angelica Peralta Ramos is Multimedia Development Manager and LA NACION DATA project leader at LA NACION.

She co-founded Lanacion.com in 1995 and was Project Leader, Product Manager, Product Development Manager and Digital Media General Manager from LA NACION until 2004. In those years she was in charge of leading the operations, the team and the product development which included Lanacion.com´s first steps in digital marketing and sales.

Since 2006 she is in charge of a Research, Development and Training area that helps LA NACION transform it´s newsroom into multiplatform ready, including the introduction of multimedia, social media and mobile journalism skills, technology and tools and the introduction of new formats for digital content.

Since 2011 she also leads a project that is developing Data Journalism in the newsroom and in Lanacion.com, including skills, tools and processes and a focused multiskilled team. Since 2012 Lanacion.com launched a Data Blog, an Open Data Catalog, a Data Section integrated in it´s home page and a special micro site that monitors subsidies in Bus Transportation System in Argentina, case that is explained in the first Data Journalism Handbook OKFN-EJC printed by O´Reilly.

Lanacion.com is the multi awarded LA NACION news site. Winner of Eppy´s Best General Excellence non US large site in 1999, and 2011 and 2012 Best Spanish Language Newspaper site, and ONA Online Journalism Awards as General Excellence in Digital Journalism non english large site finalist in 2009, and winner in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 Lanacion.com received the “honorable mention” in the first Google – Global Editors Network (GEN) Datajournalism Awards 2012, Partnered with International Center for Journalists to receive a Fellow focused in Data Journalism (Sandra Crucianelli co-Speaker) and in 2013 is partnering with Knight-Mozilla Open news program to host a Fellow to develop open source solutions for data challenges.

LA NACION from Buenos Aires, Argentina is the second largest newspaper in the country. It´s print and digital operations include nine magazine brands , including the local HOLA! magazine and Rolling Stone magazine.

Angelica is Computer Scientist, MBA and Project Manager. She loves to learn and innovate, family, nature, birdwatching and music.


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