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February 26-28, 2013Santa Clara, CA

Strata 2013 Is a Wrap

Thank you for making Strata 2013 the biggest Strata Conference yet. If you missed anything at the conference, get the Strata 2013 Complete Video Compilation—with recordings of all keynotes, sessions, and tutorials.

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More Strata video on YouTube: 2012 (NY)2013

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Session Comments

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Mark Madsen commented on SQL on Hadoop: Defining the New Generation of Analytic Databases
Good perspective in this talk, although I feel the comment “MPP DBs scale to tens of nodes” shows some ignorance of the MPP database market, given the multi-petabyte installs of MPP databases and their very large node counts.

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Roy J.Swagger commented on An Introduction to the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) Featuring Spark, Spark Streaming, and Shark - Part 1
I am wondering since shark uses a in-memory model, then how to fit big data situation, like PB,EB? Thanks

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Tap into the collective intelligence of the best minds in data

If you care about big data, join its best and brightest this February at Strata 2013

  • Get face-to-face with the leading minds in big data (and thousands of your peers).
  • Master the skills and technologies that make data work—with three days of inspiring keynotes, practical tutorials and sessions, an expo hall with key players and products, and plenty of networking events.
  • Discover how some of the world’s most successful companies (like Google and Microsoft) tackle and use big data—and how you can apply what they’ve learned.
An amazing event with the latest and greatest of the big data community dropping knowledge and taking names.
—Strata attendee

The future belongs to those who understand how to collect and use their data successfully. And that future happens at Strata.

The breadth and depth of expertise at Strata is unsurpassed—with over 120 speakers and 100 presentations and events, you’ll find solutions to your most pressing data issues. The conference program covers strategy, technology, and policy:

  • Data-driven Business: Solve some of today’s thorniest business problems with big data, new interfaces, and the advent of ubiquitous computing.
  • Big Data for Enterprise IT: Create big data strategy, manage your first project, demystify vendor solutions, and understand how big data differs from BI.
  • Beyond Hadoop: Dive deep into Cassandra, Storm, Drill, and other emerging technologies.
  • Connected World: Explore the implications—and opportunities—as low-cost networks and sensors create an ever-connected world.
  • Data Science: Immerse yourself inside the world of data practictioners—from the hard science of new algorithms to cultural change and teambuilding.
  • Design: Make data matter with highly effective user experiences, using new interfaces, interactivity, and visualization.
  • Hadoop in Practice: Get practical lessons, integration tricks, and a glimpse of the road ahead.
  • Law, Ethics, and Open Data: Tackle the biggest issues in compliance, governance, and ethics in the era of open data and heightened privacy concerns.

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One of the most valuable events to advance my career.
—Strata attendee


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