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JumpStart, GA K

Jumpstart looks at how building and running businesses changes in a data-driven world. It’s the missing MBA for Big Data.

We live in a world of data, feedback, and realtime interaction with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. Companies that harness information learn faster, make better decisions, and stay one step ahead of their competitors. Yet most businesses aren’t equipped to put Big Data to work. Jumpstart changes that, bringing together the world’s leading thinkers on data-driven management for a practical look at how information can transform the enterprise.
Are you the kind of executive who wants to run your business based on facts rather than opinions? Do you demand hard figures? Are you frustrated by how long it takes to discover, and act on, key business metrics? Then this is the place to start.


Jumpstart Welcome

Alistair Croll

Opening remarks by Program Chair, Alistair Croll, Founder, Bitcurrent

What Marketers Can Learn From Analysts

Avinash Kaushik

Author and digital marketing evangelist Avinash Kaushik shares his perspective, drawing from experience with some of the world’s largest online marketers, and looks at how an analyst mentality is quickly permeating all aspects of business and marketing.

Big Data and Supply Chain Management: Evolution or Disruptive Force??

Mary Ludloff

The effect of big data on all business models cannot be denied. This panel of SCM experts looks at how business are using, or should be using, big data to drive supply chain management issues focusing on the broader manufacturing issues that must be addressed as well as practical tips that can be applied in dealing with supply chains that now span the globe.

10:30am – 11:00am Break

Ammunition for the CFO: How to be a Hard-Nosed Business Customer for Analytics

J. C. Herz

This presentation lays out some clear, concrete gating conditions for when it makes sense to pull the trigger on big data initiatives, and how they should be procured, depending on the use case, the data assets, and the resources available.

3 Essential Skills of a Data Driven CEO

Diego Saenz

What are the fundamental skills that a CEO needs to become “Data Driven”? In this session we will discuss the 3 essential skills that will enable CEOs to effectively lead their organizations into the Data Revolution. These organizations will harness the power of data to innovate, grow profits and beat the competition.

Business Intelligence: What Have We Been Missing?

Felix Hamilton

There are many rapidly evolving technologies that provide objective metrics and analytics for most outward facing business interactions. The evolution of similar inward facing tools has not kept pace. In this presentation we discuss which sources of internal organizational data are frequently neglected, approaches for automating data collection, and what valuable insights can result from analysis.

12:30pm – 1:30pm Lunch

The Business of Big Data

Mark Madsen

Mark Madsen talks about how regular businesses will eventually embrace a data-driven mindset, with some trademark ‘Madsen’ history background to put it in context. People throw around ‘industrial revolution of data’ and ‘new oil’ a lot without really thinking about what things like the scientific method, or steam power, or petrochemicals did as a result.

Do it Right – Proven Techniques for Exploiting Big Data Analytics

Bill Schmarzo

“Big data” provides the opportunity to combine new, rich data sources in novel ways to discover business insights. How do you use analytics to exploit this data so that it will yield real business value? Learn a proven technique that ensures you identify where and how big data analytics can be successfully deployed within your organization. Case study examples will demonstrate its use.

Big Data, Serious Games, and the Future of Work

Michael Hugos

In this session, business agility expert Michael Hugos will present examples from his work in applying immersive animation techniques and gaming dynamics, and discuss how they can address the challenges of consuming – and responding to – the data deluge, turning information overload into business advantage.

3:00pm – 3:30pm Break

It’s Not Just About the Data……the Power of Driving Impact Through Intent and Interconnectedness

Marcia Tal

In this session, Marcia Tal will demonstrate how significant business value is being realized through sophisticated understanding of intent and interconnectedness, at scale.

Searching for the Future of Big Data

Marti Hearst

Search user interfaces are slow to change; ideas for new search interfaces rarely take hold. This talk will forecast how search is likely to change and what will stay the same in the coming years.

Wrap-up Session

Jonathan Bruner

Jon Bruner leads a panel discussion with a few of the day’s presenters and takes final questions from the audience.

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