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The state of open data today is a real mess: it’s like Yahoo! circa 1995, before search saved us from lists of lists. It’s very difficult to find the data you need and be confident that it’s timely and accurate. There is a growing list of companies now vying to become the key destinations for people to gather around new datasets and be excited together. What projects, partnerships and even ventures would be created if there was a marketplace for data?

But fundamental questions arise: What does this marketplace look like? Is it market-driven like the iTunes app store, or open to collaboration similar to GitHub? And where is the data sourced from? Finally, what options are there for real business to be transacted via this data marketplace?

In actuality, real-time data distribution is changing the business models behind data. Licensing entire data sets and shipping CDs is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and real-time, unfettered access to fresh, relevant data is squarely in our future. A new class of data providers is emerging to satisfy the needs of a new class of data consumers – and, in some cases, neither the data provider nor the data consumer are who you might anticipate they would be!

In addition to the network-effect distribution opportunity created by a collaborative data marketplace, this session will also explore the dynamic pricing opportunities being brought about by real-time data access, and will focus on data-as-a-service (DaaS) delivery with a variety of pricing models. Data security and privacy issues will also be addressed, time permitting.

Photo of Pete Soderling

Pete Soderling

Stratus Security

Pete Soderling is the founder and CEO of Stratus Security, and has spent a significant amount of time pondering the future of data. Stratus’ flagship product, the Stratus Data Management Platform is a turn-key solution that helps data providers easily distribute data to their partners, and handles data metering, monitoring and security.

Prior to starting Stratus, Pete was the founder and CEO of mechanikal, an industry-leading software development agency that specializes in the development of secure Internet applications for mobile devices, desktops and the web. Mechanikal’s clients include IAC/InterActiveCorp, NBC Universal, Fox News and Ziff Davis.

Pete holds a B.S. in Information Systems Management from New York University where he graduated with honors. He is also a member of the OWASP and WASC security communities and is a regular conference speaker.

Photo of Pete Forde

Pete Forde


Pete is CTO and co-founder of BuzzData — the best way to share, publish and collaborate on both private and public datasets. There is a BuzzData-shaped hole in the data value chain which can be filled by allowing conversation and participation between publishers and consumers of data.


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