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Strata's just around the corner, and it's lining up to be an industry-defining event for technology and business. There's tons to be excited about, from great speakers to eye-opening content.

As we get ready for next week, here are some of the reasons I'm really looking forward to the conference.

  • Big Data is the new oil: In an information society, where we generate huge volumes of information, data is a resource to be mined and refined. Look around you: nearly everything you see was ordered, made, and delivered using oil. But it was also designed, sold, bought, and organized with data. Every generation of humans thinks it's living in unprecedented times -- and by definition, it is. But we're here at the moment that society switched from atoms to bits. And that's what Strata's about.
  • Whoever owns the means of analysis wins: If data is the new oil, then those that can turn it into finished products - meaning, insight, and ultimately, advantage - win. It's not who owns the data, it's who can put it to work. At Strata, we'll be looking at the machinery behind big data, from new algorithms to powerful platforms to intuitive visualizations.
  • You can predict the future: In large enough numbers, we're a surprisingly predictable species. Now that much of our lives is lived in the open, shared and available for analysis, computers may well be able to anticipate the future. At Strata, companies like Palantir and Recorded Future will be talking about how they help us anticipate everything from markets to catastrophes.
  • Learning how to bend time: Post-SQL technologies like Cassandra, Hadoop, and Mapreduce split a task into thousands of parallel tasks, completing them in seconds rather than days. These Big Data frameworks make it possible to get results long before your competitors, giving your organization the edge -- whether you're a newspaper trying to analyze information quickly, or a retailer hoping to discern patterns in consumer behavior.
  • Your competitors are already winning: At Strata, we have dozens of real-world examples from healthcare, government, finance, astronomy, energy, travel, and more. Big Data, Ubicomp, and new interfaces are already redefining entire industries, and Strata's the place to learn first-hand how the industrialization of information will change your organization and your life.
  • Seek to be understood: Data doesn't mean anything if it doesn't produce results. Kim Rees of award-winning design firm Periscopic will show us how economy of design leads to better communication and the results you want.
  • Late-night deep dives: We had so much great content to fit into the event, we added a block of deep-dive evening sessions from practitioners who will focus on a specific stack or set of technologies. In many cases, the presentations are straight from the horse's mouth -- that is, the creator and core team behind the technologies that are changing how we crunch and consume information.
  • Immersive reality makes you smarter: There's a lot of data out there. Fortunately, the human mind is amazingly good at discerning patterns within data, if we give it the right tools. Dr. Creve Maples, an early inventor of immersive systems for visualization and understanding, will take us on a wild ride through virtual reality and synthetic environments, showing how it helps humans grasp complex data without overloading.

Strata is on track to be a sold out event. This is your last chance to secure your seat and take control of the Big Data opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you in Santa Clara next week!


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  • Windows Azure MarketPlace DataMarket
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