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Make Data Work
Dec 4–5, 2017: Training
Dec 5–7, 2017: Tutorials & Conference

Data Case Studies

9:00am-12:30pm, Tuesday, December 5th, 2017
Strata Business Summit
Location: 323

From banking to biotech, retail to government, nonprofit to energy, every business sector is changing in the face of abundant data. Driven by competitive pressures and rising consumer expectations, firms are getting better at defining business problems and applying data solutions.

The road to a data-driven business is paved with hard-won lessons, painful mistakes, and clever insights, and at every Strata Data Conference we run a series of case studies where you can hear from practitioners across a wide range of industries.

In a series of half-hour talks aimed at a business audience, you’ll hear from household brands and global companies as they explain the challenges they wanted to tackle, the approaches they took, and the benefits—and drawbacks—of their solutions. If you want practical insights about applied data, look no further.

Tuesday, 12/05/2017


9:00am–9:05am Tuesday, 12/05/2017
Strata Business Summit
Location: 323
Alistair Croll (Solve For Interesting)
Program chair Alistair Croll welcomes you to the Data Case Studies tutorial. Read more.


9:05am–9:30am Tuesday, 12/05/2017
Kyungtaak Noh (SK Telecom)
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In the telecommunication industry, quality of service in networks is the customer’s top concern, but it is difficult to analyze due to the increasingly massive volume of data. Kyungtaak Noh and Jisung Kim offer their solution—a quality management system that integrates Hadoop and big data technology—and explain how they use it to efficiently visualize and utilize big data. Read more.


9:30am–10:00am Tuesday, 12/05/2017
Data case studies
Location: 323
Praveen Deorani (Holmusk)
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Prediction of readmission can create savings in money and time for various stakeholders such as government, hospital, insurer, employer, and most importantly, patient. Resource-intensive interventions can be targeted to patients at greatest risk. Read more.


10:00am–10:30am Tuesday, 12/05/2017
Mike Prorock (, Hugo Sheng (Qlik)
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Mike Prorock and Hugo Sheng offer an overview of, a game-changing climate awareness solution that utilizes Apache Hive, Spark, ESRI, and Qlik. combines smart sensor technology, data transmission, and state-of-the-art visual analytics to transform the agricultural and turf management market. Read more.


11:00am–11:30am Tuesday, 12/05/2017
Ted Malaska (Capital One)
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Details to come Read more.


11:30am–12:00pm Tuesday, 12/05/2017
Data case studies
Location: 323
Neil Hirano (Dotz), Leandro Andrade (Dotz)
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Alex Chade shares how Dotz used a coalition loyalty program to successfully collect transactional data (down to the SKU level) from its tens of millions of members across a number of segments, including grocery, gas, pharma, apparel, electronics, CPGs, insurance, and credit cards, and did so mostly in the physical world. Read more.


12:00pm–12:30pm Tuesday, 12/05/2017
Data case studies
Location: 323
Mike Koelemay (Lockheed Martin)
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Sikorsky collects data onboard thousands of helicopters deployed worldwide that is used for fleet management services, engineering analyses, and business intelligence. Mike Koelemay offers an overview of the data platform that Sikorsky has built to manage the ingestion, processing, and serving of this data so that it can be used to rapidly generate information to drive decision making. Read more.