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Make Data Work
Dec 4–5, 2017: Training
Dec 5–7, 2017: Tutorials & Conference

Big data on the rise: Views of emerging trends and predictions from real-life end users

John Mertic (Linux Foundation), Cupid Chan (4C Decision )
12:05pm12:45pm Thursday, December 7, 2017
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Who is this presentation for?

  • CIOs and CDOs

Prerequisite knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of cloud, Hadoop, and big data technologies

What you'll learn

  • Explore how companies are using big data tools, the challenges they face, and where they are looking to focus investments


There are some key trends that are emerging in 2017 within the Hadoop and big data ecosystem, which center around the increase of the use of the cloud. These trends are the underpinning for a larger shift toward purpose-driven products positioned as the core of an organization’s data strategy. While these trends are clearest among early adopters with mature deployments, what about those more traditional end user organizations in the midst of a digital transformation? What are their views on these trends? How are their organizations reconciling the needs and desires to pave a path forward?
John Mertic and Cupid Chan present findings on big data trends, based on data from the ODPi End User Advisory Board (TAB). John and Cupid share real end-user perspectives from companies like GE on how they are using big data tools, the challenges they face, and where they are looking to focus investments—all from a vendor-neutral viewpoint.

Photo of John Mertic

John Mertic

Linux Foundation

John Mertic is the Director of Program Management for The Linux Foundation. Under his leadership, he has helped ASWF, ODPi, Open Mainframe Project, and R Consortium accelerate open source innovation and transform industries. John has an open source career spanning two decades, both as a contributor to projects such as SugarCRM and PHP, and in open source leadership roles at SugarCRM, OW2, and OpenSocial. With an extensive open source background, he is a regular speaker at various Linux Foundation and other industry trade shows each year. John is also an avid writer and has authored two books “The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications” and “Building on SugarCRM” as well as published articles on IBM Developerworks, Apple Developer Connection, and PHP Architect.

Photo of Cupid Chan

Cupid Chan

4C Decision

Cupid Chan is a managing partner at 4C Decision, where he helps clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the public sector leverage the power of data, analytics, and technology to gain invaluable insight to improve various aspects on their businesses. Previously, he was one of the key players in the construction of a world-class BI platform. A bilingual seasoned professional, Cupid holds various technical and business accreditations, such as PMP and Lean Six Sigma.

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Picture of Cupid Chan
Cupid Chan | CTO
12/07/2017 10:51pm +08

We have sent the slide to Strata and they will upload and share the slides in

12/07/2017 8:48pm +08

Hi, could you share your slides here. Thanks!

Picture of Cupid Chan
Cupid Chan | CTO
12/06/2017 7:39am +08

This session is for management and leadership to obtain a summarized view of what could happen in the next few years and why. If you don’t have time to attend all sessions in the conference, this can be a good synopsis to digest without overwhelming.