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Dec 4–5, 2017: Training
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From physical data collection to digital delivery of results: The data journey in developing economies

Neil Hirano (Dotz), Leandro Andrade (Dotz)
11:30am12:00pm Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Data case studies
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95% of global commerce is still physical, making collecting relevant consumer transactional data very complex. This was the challenge Dotz faced in Brazil. Alex Chade shares how Dotz used a coalition loyalty program to successfully collect transactional data (down to the SKU level) from its tens of millions of members across a number of segments, including grocery, gas, pharma, apparel, electronics, CPGs, insurance, and credit cards, and did so mostly in the physical world. (Ecommerce penetration in Brazil is less than 6%.)

Alex discusses Dotz’s complex migration to a cloud infrastructure, with microservices developed in flexible Docker and container architecture; the creation of its data science teams; and the company’s data acquisition squad, an M&A/BI team focused exclusively on acquiring complementary data.

Dotz’s member base is currently 30 million people and will reach 50% of Brazil’s economically active population (120 million people) by 2019. As the owner of the largest transactional consumer database in Brazil, monetization is already taking place in retail and finance. Dotz is poised to become the first positive behavior data bureau of Brazil, much like Seasame Credit from China’s Ant Financial. But in Dotz’s case, the story starts with physical commerce data collection linked to digital and mobile delivery.

Neil Hirano


Leandro Andrade