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Dec 4–5, 2017: Training
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Analyzing smart cities and big data in 3D: A Geo3D journey at SmartHub

Victor Chua (StarHub Ltd)
3:30pm4:10pm Tuesday, December 5, 2017
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Big data analytics has largely been represented by 2D visualizations. However, the rise of densely populated, highly built-up smart cities around the globe has stretched the capabilities of current 2D visualization techniques. How does one track fleets of drones flying around cities? How can one visualize all the different IoT devices on each floor of each skyscraper in the city? How does one portray indoor geolocation data across many buildings in an efficient manner? These challenges served as the basis for SmartHub’s natural progression to next-gen 3D visualizations.

SmartHub, the analytics division in StarHub, builds and delivers telco analytics products to customers across industry verticals that range from the Singapore government to retail mall owners. Victor Chua explores how SmartHub is gearing up for a 3D future to support cutting-edge data analytics and visualizations for smart cities and beyond.

Topics include:

  • An overview of SmartHub’s capabilities in telco data analytics (Grid360, C360)
  • A deep dive into Geo3D, SmartHub’s next-generation geospatial analysis platform designed for smart cities, including case studies on the value that Geo3D brings to customers
  • The big data architecture that drives Geo3D at SmartHub, incorporating Apache Hadoop, Spark Streaming, Kafka, and Cassandra, leveraging GPU programming with WebGL to create compelling data visualizations in 3D
  • The challenges, failures, and successes along the journey to realize Geo3D
Photo of Victor Chua

Victor Chua

StarHub Ltd

Victor Chua is a senior data scientist and visualizer on the innovations team at SmartHub (part of StarHub Ltd.), where he is responsible for building and delivering unique telco analytics products through big data technologies. Victor has a strong passion for data analytics and 3D graphics. He holds a master’s degree in information systems management from Carnegie Mellon University.