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December 5-6, 2016: Training
December 6–8, 2016: Tutorials & Conference

Schedule: Design, visualization, and VR sessions

1:45pm–2:25pm Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Location: 310/311 Level: Non-technical
Julia Rodriguez (Eagle Investment Systems), Piotr Kaczmarek (Sapient Global Markets)
Average rating: ****.
(4.25, 4 ratings)
Julie Rodriguez and Piotr Kaczmarek provide a fresh take on data visualizations with an extensive set of case studies that contrast traditional uses of charts with new methods that provide more effective representations of the data to produce greater insights. Read more.
11:15am–11:55am Thursday, December 8, 2016
Location: 334/335 Level: Intermediate
Patrick Nord (Archetype SC)
Average rating: ****.
(4.75, 4 ratings)
Big data makes big promises, but when business users don't pay attention, your work and insights are wasted. Patrick Nord explains how to use a methodology developed by data scientists and designers to help you efficiently and effectively communicate your transformative insights—even to unreceptive executive teams. Read more.
12:05pm–12:45pm Thursday, December 8, 2016
Location: 310/311 Level: Non-technical
Vivian Peng (Doctors Without Borders)
Average rating: ****.
(4.25, 4 ratings)
When data is transformed into visualizations, the impact can sometimes be lost on the user. Drawing on her work with Doctors Without Borders, Vivian Peng explains how emotions help convey impact and move people to take action and demonstrates how we might design emotions into the data visualization experience. Read more.
4:15pm–4:55pm Thursday, December 8, 2016
Location: 310/311 Level: Non-technical
Joerg Blumtritt (Datarella), Heather Dewey-Hagborg (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
Average rating: ***..
(3.60, 5 ratings)
Data already plays an important role as raw material for art, from algorithmic visualization and parametric architecture to works created entirely by autonomous machines. With data-driven art, data science now touches even the most human aspects of culture. Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Joerg Blumtritt share examples and discuss possible routes for future data art. Read more.