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A smarter ecosystem through big data analytics (sponsored)

Wei Keong Ng (Fusionex)
9:30am–9:40am Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Sponsored keynote
Location: Hall 601-604
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The world is changing with the advent of Internet of Things technology. Connected devices are spreading everywhere, as everything from cars and refrigerators to shop floor machinery, medical equipment, and even aircraft has become “smart” hardware. The challenge now is not merely making things “smarter” but elevating the intelligence of the whole ecosystem of "things.” Fusionex has been at the forefront of big data analytics and is continuously looking to find ways in which these increasing numbers of datasets can be harnessed to improve the tech ecosystem of cities, communities, and countries. Isaac Jacob explains how Fusionex leverages robust, intuitive BDA solutions with real-time capabilities.

This keynote is sponsored by Fusionex.

Photo of Wei Keong Ng

Wei Keong Ng


Wei Keong is the Director for Business Solutions of Fusionex. With more than a decade’s experience in transforming enterprises into modern workspaces, Wei Keong has converged the huge elements of Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and the Internet of Things into day-to-day productivity suites for various industries across the region.
He believes in humanizing internal, external, and Open Data to produce actionable and business transforming decisions. These will create an ecosystem of blue lake strategies and one day in the future, even become a blue ocean