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December 5-6, 2016: Training
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Act on insight with the IoT

Devin Deen (enterprise IT), Dnyanesh Prabhu (SKY TV nz)
1:45pm–2:25pm Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Becoming a data-centric company
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Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Familiarity with the IoT, data mining, big data, and iterative delivery methods

What you'll learn

  • Explore how two companies embedded operational analytic applications in an iterative manner that allowed people and process changes to be developed so that they could act on insights


Sky TV and NZ Bus both began their big data and IoT journeys with questions that couldn’t be answered using traditional databases, BI, or analytics. As a business partner, e-IT introduced both to Hadoop (Cloudera), data discovery, and visualization to understand help them problems better and either refute or confirm their intuitions about customer and operational behaviors that countered business goals. From this initial discovery, both took a stepping stone approach toward embedded analytics that delivered nuggets of insights that were leveraged into quick wins and enabled additional funding to be applied to their projects to build on each way point. Join Devin Deen and Dnyanesh Prabhu to explore lessons learned from the sponsors of these initiatives as well from their data engineering partner who enabled their business outcomes using big data and the IoT.

Case studies include:
Sky TV: The media and broadcasting landscape in NZ is going through disruptive changes with the entry of on-demand content providers like NetFlix, Lightbox in the NZ market. SKY is gearing up for challenges posed by these new entrants by leveraging data as an important asset. This required use of new sets of tools, technologies, process and people to complement existing data warehouse and BI systems. SKY created a data lake on Cloudera Hadoop to store all structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. In this session, we will cover SKY’s big data journey and one related use case.

NZ Bus: At NZ Bus, there is a heap of attention on drivers’ ability to achieve schedule performance on trips but zero visibility on what happens during out-of-service running. Anecdotal examples of buses being driven back to home depots so that drivers can have lunch with their mates when repositioning between the end and start points of consecutive trips were prevalent, but there was no hard evidence to prove this. NZ Bus’s existing data warehouse and BI solution was good at reporting the number of PAX, movements, and revenue in a given day, week, month, and quarter but not at discovering insights from disparate data types, let alone geospatial information. Like Sky TV, NZ Bus began its operational analytic journey through a quick data discovery visualization step before graduating into more complex, diverse, and fast moving geospatial datasets stretching across its 1,200 bus fleet. Bus data comes from GPS-enabled telematic systems, which also provide sensor-based information about driving behavior, such as heavy braking and acceleration. Future phases of the project will see instant alerts sent to operations center staff and drivers when driving behavior isn’t safe or causes excessive wear on the bus and when drivers are deviating from optimal routes during out-of-service running.

Photo of Devin Deen

Devin Deen

enterprise IT

Devin Deen is the director of data and analytics at enterprise IT (e-IT), where he ensures that customers can easily navigate the complexities of implementing data warehouses, data management, business intelligence, and business analytic tools and solutions. With experience ranging from managing multimillion dollar projects to leading teams and starting businesses across the healthcare, education, telecommunication, financial services, and utilities sectors, Devin attributes his success to being proactive and having an inclusive management style. His 25 year career has included roles in the United States Marine Corps and the Simpl Group. Most recently, Devin led the team at niche BI consulting firm Altis for over 10 years. Outside of e-IT, he is active in the NZ tech startup community and directly involved with successful SaaS company

Photo of Dnyanesh Prabhu

Dnyanesh Prabhu


Dnyanesh Prabhu is the enterprise data architect at SKY TV NZ. Dnyanesh started various data initiatives in SKY, including the big data initiative that will help transform SKY into a data-driven organization. Dnyanesh has a passion for data management and his clients and organizations for whom he’s worked have benefitted from his data strategies, data roadmaps, BI health checks, BIBPs (business intelligence blueprints), master data management, metadata management, data quality, data migration, and data governance solutions. He has more than 15 years of experience in consulting, managing, designing, and architecting data solutions for multinational corporations like Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Aviva, and Westpac. Dnyanesh is a TOGAF-certified enterprise architect and a Teradata certified master.