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December 5-6, 2016: Training
December 6–8, 2016: Tutorials & Conference

Government open data: Tales from a deep dive into CKAN

Audrey Lobo-Pulo (The Australian Treasury)
11:00am–11:30am Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Location: 308/309 Level: Non-technical
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What you'll learn

  • Understand the state of government open data and the incredible potential in using this data to create new innovative products


In early 2016, a team set out to score the usability of government open data across 5 countries. What was to be a small-scale project giving a data-driven picture of the supply side of open data grew into a lengthy, all-consuming quest to decipher the depths of government CKAN repositories. Audrey Lobo-Pulo shares the team’s findings and explores the future possibilities of open data.

This case study starts with a simple goal: to score the usability of government open data in a manner that is driven by the data alone. What is usability though? Is it just the volume and accessibility of the data or something bigger? Once the picture of what is available is clear, what other opportunities does that present? What if we could estimate total global supply? Could we gain insight into what might be possible if shortfalls in open data are addressed? And above all else, just how easy is it to get this data?

Audrey answers these questions and more as she walks you through the process of assessing over two million datasets to determine an index of government open data usability. She then dives deeper into the potential impact of government open data on industry, moving sector by sector relative to each sectors’ readiness for digital disruption.

Along the way, Audrey discusses the pitfalls, frustrations, and wonderful insights that were revealed as the team delved into the depths of government open data repositories and demonstrates some of the impressive work carried out by countries, including the UK and Singapore, to make their data accessible both to the data literate community and the wider public.

Photo of Audrey Lobo-Pulo

Audrey Lobo-Pulo

The Australian Treasury

Audrey Lobo-Pulo is a senior advisor at the Australian Treasury. Originally a physicist working in high-speed data transmission, Audrey moved into economic modeling, working across a wide range of policy issues including taxation, housing, social security, labor markets, and population demographics. An advocate for open government and the use of open source software in government modeling, Audrey’s current passion is bringing data science to public policy analytics. She is also an advocate for inclusion and diversity in the workplace.