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December 5-6, 2016: Training
December 6–8, 2016: Tutorials & Conference

OpenStreetMap for urban resilience

Yantisa Akhadi (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)
10:00am–10:30am Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Location: 308/309 Level: Non-technical
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Prerequisite Knowledge

  • A very basic familiarity with any online map (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, etc.)

What you'll learn

  • Understand the role of open geospatial data to improve urban resilience


The use of maps in disaster response is evidently important. Yantisa Akhadi explores how to use OpenStreetMap (OSM), the biggest crowdsourced mapping platform, for safer urban environments, drawing on case studies from several major cities in Indonesia where citizen and government mapping has played a major role in improving resilience.

Yantisa begins with a brief introduction to OpenStreetMap (OSM), describing its current state and how it is used by commercial and nonprofit entities throughout the world. Yantisa then shares two case studies of using OSM data in urban disaster preparedness. The first focuses on Jakarta, Indonesia, where a city-wide mapping project helps better flood response through the collection of critical infrastructure and subvillage boundaries data. The data also used as the basis for a community-level project in North Jakarta as well as a citizen-based flood report using Twitter. The second focuses on Makassar, one of the largest cities on Sulawesi island, where a collaboration with the local university has contributed to exponential growth of OSM data for the city, which has then been used as an input for a city contingency plan. Yantisa concludes by sharing lessons learned from these implementations and exploring how these approaches can be replicated in other parts of the world.

Photo of Yantisa Akhadi

Yantisa Akhadi

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Yantisa Akhadi is a project manager for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team, whose mission is to promote the use of OpenStreetMap, QGIS, and InaSAFE in humanitarian response and economic development throughout Indonesia. Yantisa has a strong background in free and open source software and the FOSS community. In the past eight years, Yantisa has been involved in information management for various natural disasters in Indonesia.