Sep 23–26, 2019
Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov

Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov
Managing Vice President and Head of Card Machine Learning , Capital One


Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov is managing vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence at Capital One, where he leads a group of scientists, engineers, researchers, and product managers who are driving ML and AI transformation at the company. Nitzan and his team develop enterprise-scale, real-time intelligent solutions for a broad range of business problems, including forecasting, NLP in customer service and conversational AI, anomaly and fraud detection, reinforcement learning, and more. Nitzan holds a master’s degree in computer science and a PhD in bioinformatics from the University of Chicago.


9:30am10:00am Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Location: 1A 08
Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov (Capital One)
Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov presents a framework for how enterprises can use real-time machine learning to provide long-term, recurring relationships with customers, with a focus on leveraging longitudinal omnichannel context, enhanced capabilities able to infer state from this new scale of data, and real-time personalization based on streaming data ecosystems. Read more.

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