Sep 23–26, 2019
Rick Houlihan

Rick Houlihan
Principal Technologist - NoSQL, Amazon Web Services


Rick leads the NoSQL Blackbelt team at AWS and has designed hundreds of NoSQL database schemas for some of the largest and most highly scaled applications in the world. Many of Rick’s designs are deployed at the foundation of core Amazon and AWS services such as Cloudtrail, IAM, Cloudwatch, EC2, Alexa, and a variety of retail Internet and fulfillment center services. Rick brings over 25 years of technology expertise and has authored 9 patents across a diverse set of technologies including Complex Event Processing, Neural Network Analysis, Microprocessor Design, Cloud Virtualization, and NoSQL Technologies.

As an innovator in the NoSQL space, Rick has over the years developed a repeatable process for building real world applications that delivers highly efficient denormalized data models for workloads of any scale, and he regularly delivers highly rated sessions at re:Invent and other AWS conferences on this specific topic.


11:20am12:00pm Thursday, September 26, 2019
Location: 1E 09
Rick Houlihan (Amazon Web Services)
Data has always been relational, and it always will be. NoSQL databases are gaining in popularity, but that does not change the fact that the data they manage is still relational, it just changes how we have to model the data. This session dives deep into how real Entity Relationship Models can be efficiently modeled in a denormalized manner using schema examples from real application services. Read more.

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