Sep 23–26, 2019
Supun Kamburugamuve

Supun Kamburugamuve
Graduate Student, Indiana University


Supun Kamburugamuve has a PhD in computer science specializing in high performance data analytics at Indiana University. He is working as a software architect at Digital Science Center of Indiana University where he researches big data applications and frameworks. Recently, he has been working on high-performance enhancements to big data systems with HPC interconnect such as Infiniband and Omnipath. Supun is an elected member of Apache Software Foundation and has contributed to many open source projects including Apache Web Services projects. Before joining Indiana University, Supun worked on middle-ware systems and was a key member of a WSO2 ESB, which is an open source enterprise integration product which is being widely used by enterprises.


4:35pm5:15pm Thursday, September 26, 2019
Location: 1A 23
Supun Kamburugamuve (Indiana University)
Big data computing and high-performance computing (HPC) has evolved over the years as separate paradigms. With the explosion of the data and the demand for machine learning algorithms, these two paradigms are increasingly embracing each other for data management and algorithms. Supun Kamburugamuve explores the possibilities and tools available for getting the best of HPC and big data. Read more.

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