Sep 23–26, 2019
Debasish Ghosh

Debasish Ghosh
Principal Software Engineer, Lightbend

Website | @debasishg

Debasish Ghosh is principal software engineer at Lightbend. Passionate about technology and open source, he loves functional programming and has been trying to learn math and machine learning. Debasish is an occasional speaker in technology conferences worldwide, including the likes of QCon, Philly ETE, Code Mesh, Scala World, Functional Conf, and GOTO. He is the author of DSLs In Action and Functional & Reactive Domain Modeling. Debasish is a senior member of ACM. He’s also a father, husband, avid reader, and Seinfeld fanboy who loves spending time with his beautiful family.


11:20am12:00pm Thursday, September 26, 2019
Location: 1A 21
Stavros Kontopoulos (Lightbend), Debasish Ghosh (Lightbend )
In this talk, we discuss online machine learning algorithm choices for streaming applications. We motive the discussion with resource constrained use cases like IoT and personalization. We cover Hoeffding Adaptive Trees, classic sketch data structures, and drift detection algorithms, all the way from implementation to production deployment, describing the pros and cons of using each of them. Read more.

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