Sep 23–26, 2019
Audrey Lobo-Pulo

Audrey Lobo-Pulo
Founder, Phoensight


Dr. Audrey Lobo-Pulo is the founder of Phoensight, a data and technology startup consultancy, and has a passion for using emerging data technologies to empower individuals, governments and organisations in creating a better society. Audrey holds a PhD in Physics and a Masters in Economic Policy, and has over 10 years experience working with the Australian Treasury in public policy areas including personal taxation, housing, social policy, labour markets and population demographics.

Audrey is an Open Government advocate and has a passion for Open Data and Open Models. She has pioneered the concept of ‘Government Open Source Models’, which are government policy models open to the public to use, modify and distribute freely. Audrey is deeply interested in how technology enables citizens to actively participate and engage with their governments in co-creating public policy.


3:45pm4:25pm Thursday, September 26, 2019
Location: 1E 14
Audrey Lobo-Pulo (Phoensight), Annette Hester (National Energy Board, Canada), Ryan Hum (National Energy Board, Canada)
As new digital platforms emerge and governments look at new ways to engage with citizens, there is an increasing awareness of the role these platforms play in shaping public participation and democracy. This talk examines the design attributes of civic engagement technologies, and their ensuing impacts. A framework for better achieving desired outcomes is demonstrated with a NEB Canada case study. Read more.

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