Sep 23–26, 2019
Max Neunhöffer

Max Neunhöffer
Senior Software Developer and Architect, ArangoDB

Website | @neunhoef

Max Neunhöffer is a mathematician turned database developer. In his academic career he has worked for 16 years on the development and implementation of new algorithms in computer algebra. During this time he has juggled a lot with mathematical big data like group orbits containing trillions of points. Recently he has returned from St. Andrews to Germany, has shifted his focus to NoSQL databases, and now helps to develop ArangoDB. He has spoken at international conferences including O’Reilly Software Architecture London, J On The Beach or MesosCon Seattle.


4:35pm5:15pm Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Location: 1A 23
Max Neunhöffer (ArangoDB), Joerg Schad (Suki)
Machine Learning Platforms being built are becoming more complex with different components each producing their own metadata. Currently, most components provide their own way of storing metadata. In this talk, we propose a first draft of a common Metadata API and demo a first implementation of this API in Kubeflow using ArangoDB, which is a native multi-model database. Read more.

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