Sep 23–26, 2019
Rosaria Silipo

Rosaria Silipo
Data Scientist, KNIME

Website | @DMR_Rosaria

Rosaria Silipo, PhD, principal data scientist at KNIME, loved data before it was big and learning before it was deep. She has spent 25+ years in applied AI, predictive analytics and machine learning at Siemens, Viseca, Nuance Communications, and private consulting. Sharing her practical experience in a broad range of industries and deployments, including IoT, customer intelligence, financial services, and cybersecurity, Rosaria has authored 50+ technical publications, including her recent ebook: Practicing Data Science:A Collection of Case Studies. Follow Rosaria on Twitter, LinkedIn and the KNIME blog.


9:05am9:30am Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Location: 1A 06
Rosaria Silipo (KNIME)
This is a review of AI case studies: from classic customer intelligence to IoT, from sentiment in social media to user graphs, from free text generation to fraud detection, and so on. The goal of this presentation is to inspire user creativity to apply AI in their own domain. Read more.

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