Sep 23–26, 2019
Ann Spencer

Ann Spencer
Head of Content , Domino Data Lab

Moderator: Ann Spencer is the Head of Content at Domino Data Lab. She is responsible for ensuring Domino’s data science content provides a high degree of value, density, and analytical rigor that sparks respectful candid public discourse from multiple perspectives. Discourse that is anchored in the intention of helping accelerate data science work. Previously, she was the Data Editor at O’Reilly Media (2012-2014) focusing on data science and data engineering. It was in this role where she previously met and worked with the panelists.


11:20am12:00pm Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Location: 1A 08/10
Secondary topics:  Culture and Organization
Ann Spencer (Domino Data Lab), Paco Nathan (Derwen, Inc.), Amy Heineike (Primer), Pete Warden (TensorFlow)
Are you a data scientist that has wondered "why does it take so long to deploy my model into production?" Are you an engineer that has ever thought "data scientists have no idea what they want"? You are not alone. Join us for a lively discussion panel, with industry veterans, to chat about best practices and insights regarding how to increase collaboration when developing and deploying models. Read more.

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