Sep 23–26, 2019

Professional Kafka development

Jesse Anderson (Big Data Institute)
9:00am—5:00pm Monday, September 23—Tuesday, September 24
Location: 1E 06
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Jesse Anderson offers you an in-depth look at Apache Kafka. You'll learn how Kafka works and how to create real-time systems with it, as well as how to create consumers and publishers. You'll take a look Jesse then walks you through Kafka’s ecosystem, demonstrating how to use tools like Kafka Streams, Kafka Connect, and KSQL.

What you'll learn, and how you can apply it

  • Learn how to create large-scale real-time systems using Apache Kafka, how to use Apache Avro with Kafka, how to use Kafka Streams to create data pipelines, and how to configure Kafka Connect to put data into and take data out of Kafka
  • Understand how real-time distributed systems are different from batch systems and best practices and common architectural patterns when creating solutions with Kafka
  • Discover how to create Kafka producers and consumers
  • See how to use your existing SQL skills with KSQL

Who is this presentation for?

  • You're a software engineer, data engineer, or data scientist.




  • A working knowledge of Java
  • Familiarity with big data technologies (useful but not required)

Hardware and/or installation requirements:

  • A laptop (at least 3 GB of free RAM, 10 GB of free disk space, and a 64-bit processor with VT-X enabled) with VirtualBox installed


Day 1

Data at scale

  • Data movement concepts
  • Moving data at scale

Kafka concepts

  • Kafka system
  • Basic concepts
  • Advanced concepts

Developing with Kafka

  • Using Apache Maven
  • Kafka API
  • Kafka API caveats

Advanced Kafka development

  • Advanced consumers and producers
  • Advanced Offset Handling
  • Transactions
  • Multithreading consumers

Day 2

Kafka and Avro

  • Why serialize
  • Avro and serialization formats

Kafka Connect

  • Using Kafka Connect
  • Importing from JDBC
  • Exporting to HDFS

Kafka Streams

  • Kafka Streams
  • Kafka Streams API


  • Using KSQL

About your instructor

Photo of Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson is a data engineer, creative engineer, and managing director of the Big Data Institute. Jesse trains employees on big data—including cutting-edge technology like Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, and Apache Spark. He’s taught thousands of students at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies the skills to become data engineers. He’s widely regarded as an expert in the field and recognized for his novel teaching practices. Jesse is published by O’Reilly and Pragmatic Programmers and has been covered in such prestigious media outlets as the Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC, NPR, Engadget, and Wired. You can learn more about Jesse at

Twitter for jessetanderson

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