Sep 23–26, 2019

How Brazil deployed a 160 million-person biometric identification system: Challenges, benefits, and lessons learned

Thiago Ribeiro (Griaule)
5:25pm6:05pm Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Location: 1E 12/13

Who is this presentation for?

For any professional interested in the use of biometrics technology in identification solutions.




Different institutions and organizations face the same kind of identity issue when dealing with its users: “is this person really who she or he claims to be?”

Since biometrics are an intrinsic part of every human, the use of biometric recognition technology has become increasingly common to solve this problem. Biometric algorithms use physical and behavioral features to identify and authenticate individuals and it is continuously replacing the use of passwords and pins in digital authentication processes.

The electoral justice system in Brazil has deployed a project whose goal is to establish, on a national level, biometric identification and verification to ensure that the voter is unique in the electoral database and to make sure that the person that shows up on the election day is the right citizen. That means registering hundreds of thousands of people a week, comparing new biometrics with the existing ones in the database, generating billions of transactions.

If you are planning to use biometrics in any of your applications, you are certainly looking forward to increasing your solution’s reliability and the convenience for the user.

In this presentation, Thiago will explain how to design a large scale biometrics system that allows the efficient processing of biometric data and will teach you the key aspects in the implementation of such systems.

Prerequisite knowledge

There is no prior knowledge prerequisite.

What you'll learn

The attendee will learn about how biometrics profiles are processed in large-scale biometric systems and what are the key points that one should pay attention in the implementation of such systems.
Photo of Thiago Ribeiro

Thiago Ribeiro


Thiago Ribeiro is the server-side Product Director at Griaule, a software company that develops multi-biometric identification technology to help institutions and companies deploy large-scale biometric identification projects. Thiago has been working in the identity industry since 2015. He graduated from Unicamp University in Mechatronics Engineering, with an exchange at the University of New South Wales.

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