Sep 23–26, 2019

Stream Processing beyond Streaming Data

Stephan Ewen (Ververica), Aljoscha Krettek (data Artisans)
2:05pm2:45pm Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Location: 1A 15/16
Secondary topics:  Deep dive into specific tools, platforms, or frameworks, Streaming and IoT

Who is this presentation for?

Data Engineers, Architects, Data Scientists



Prerequisite knowledge

Basic knowledge of stream processing would be helpful but not required

What you'll learn

The audience will get an understanding of the breadth of changes that stream processing is introducing to data infrastructures and to the way we build applications. They will learn which areas will most likely be affected next.


Stream processing is becoming something like a “grand unifying paradigm” for data processing. Outgrowing its original space of real-time data processing, stream processing is becoming a technology that offers new approaches to data processing (including batch processing), real-time applications, and even distributed transactions.

We will take a look at these developments from the view of Apache Flink and present some of the major efforts in the Flink community to build a unified stream processor data processing and data-driven applications. Flink already powers many of the world’s most demanding stream processing applications. We present the approach of Flink’s next generation streaming runtime that offers also a state-of-the-art batch processing experience and performance. A new Machine Learning library, built on top of a unique new API supports many algorithms to train dynamically across static and real-time data. Finally, we look at new building blocks stream processing offers for data-driven applications that open a new direction to solve application consistency.

With use cases from different users, we show how companies apply this broader streaming paradigm in practice.

Photo of Stephan  Ewen

Stephan Ewen


Stephan Ewen is CTO and co-founder at Ververica where he leads the development of the stream processing platform based on open source Apache Flink. He is also a PMC member and one of the original creators of Apache Flink. Before working on Apache Flink, Stephan worked on in-memory databases, query optimization, and distributed systems. He holds a Ph.D. from the Berlin University of Technology.

Photo of Aljoscha Krettek

Aljoscha Krettek

data Artisans

Aljoscha Krettek is a cofounder and software engineer at Ververica. Previously, he worked at IBM Germany and at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose. Aljoscha is a PMC member at Apache Beam and Apache Flink, where he mainly works on the Streaming API and also designed and implemented the most recent additions to the Windowing and State APIs. He studied computer science at TU Berlin.

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