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September 11, 2018: Training & Tutorials
September 12–13, 2018: Keynotes & Sessions
New York, NY

Visualize AI to Spot New Trading Opportunities

Paul Lashmet (Arcadia Data)
2:00pm–2:30pm Tuesday, 09/11/2018
Data-driven business management
Location: 1A 08 Level: Non-technical
Secondary topics:  Financial Services

Who is this presentation for?

Data scientists, chief operating officers, chief data officers, chief investment officers, and business leaders.

Prerequisite knowledge

An understanding of the challenges surrounding the adoption of artificial intelligence.

What you'll learn

Learn how visualization will improve the adoption of AI and deep learning.


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to generate and execute trading strategies is becoming more common in 2018. As more and more business decisions are based on AI and advanced data analytics, it is critical to provide transparency to the inner workings of an algorithmic black box. This is because regulators and investors are demand it.

The financial services sector is a leading adopter of AI and has the most ambitious AI investment plans. Adoption will center on AI technologies like neural-based machine learning and natural language processing because those are the ones that are beginning to mature and prove their value. However, the rapid adoption of these technologies by hedge funds and asset managers comes with a major challenge: lack of transparency.

The decision-making processes of machine learning based technologies are opaque and don’t provide reasoning behind the results. This is concerning because many machine based decisions have wide-ranging compliance and business development implications.

This is not much different from working with people because their decision making processes aren’t fully captured. AI, however, creates data and that is a major opportunity. That data can be audited and visualized to expose lineage and correlation that offers fund managers deeper insight into what makes one strategy better than another. The demand by regulators and investors for transparency into investment decisions will drive new innovations in visual data analytics.

In this talk, Paul Lashmet, a veteran of the financial services industry, will demonstrate how the right visualization tools can be used to visualize the decisions behind market simulations and automated trade execution. He will also show how data visualization can enable fund managers to learn from the decisions made by machines and spot new trading opportunities.

Photo of Paul Lashmet

Paul Lashmet

Arcadia Data

Paul Lashmet is practice lead and advisor for financial services at Arcadia Data, a company that provides visual big data analytics software that empowers business users to glean meaningful and real-time business insights from high volume and varied data in a timely, secure, and collaborative way. Paul writes extensively about the practical applications of emerging and innovative technologies to regulatory compliance. Previously, he led programs at HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and Fannie Mae.

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