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Data at Netflix: See what’s next

Michelle Ufford (Netflix)
11:20am–12:00pm Thursday, 09/13/2018
Data engineering and architecture, Expo Hall
Location: Expo Hall Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Data Platforms
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Anyone who manages or works with (big) data infrastructure

Prerequisite knowledge

  • A general understanding of the big data space

What you'll learn

  • Learn how Netflix uses data and explore its data platform


Data powers Netflix. From creating original content to delivering bufferless streaming, the company relies on data to inform decisions and fuel experiments. Enabling all of this is a flexible and scalable (big) data platform running entirely in the cloud. Netflix has also built a rich ecosystem of complementary tools and services to support a wide range of use cases. Today, its data platform is robust and powerful, but it’s also complex and constantly evolving, which can be challenging for users. The company knows it can do better, and it’s making some significant investments to take the platform to the next level.

Michelle Ufford shares some of the cool things Netflix is doing with data and the big bets the company is making on data infrastructure, covering workflow orchestration, centralized alerting, event-based processing, platform intelligence, Jupyter notebooks, and more.

Photo of Michelle Ufford

Michelle Ufford


Michelle Ufford leads the data platform architecture core team at Netflix, which focuses on platform innovation and usability. Previously, she led the data management team at GoDaddy, where she built data engineering solutions for personalization and helped pioneer Hadoop data warehousing techniques. Michelle is a published author, patented developer, award-winning open source contributor, and Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Data Platform. You can find her on Twitter at @MichelleUfford.

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10/10/2018 11:32am EDT

Hey Michelle,
Hope you are doing well.
First I want to thank you for the great talk, then I was wondering if it is possible to share your presentation. It was really nice and hope we can at dailymotion take some inspire from you guys.
Many thanks
Abdellah Ibarzaq