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Realizing the true value in your data: Data-drivenness assessment

Lawrence Cowan (Cicero Group)
2:05pm–2:45pm Wednesday, 09/12/2018
Data-driven business management, Strata Business Summit
Location: 1E 10/11 Level: Beginner
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Everyone from executives looking to further understand how effectively they are generating value from data and data analytics to frontline analysts looking to identify and promote ways in which their analyses fit into their firm's broader strategy

What you'll learn

  • Explore a methodology for assessing four critical areas that firms must consider when looking to make the analytical leap: data strategy, data culture, data analysis and implementation, and data management and architecture


Many companies have come to the Cicero Group looking to implement a specific tool or new analyses to improve business performance. But after collecting data and building out models, the initiative falls apart because the analytical wherewithal is not in place across the organization or department.

Lawrence Cowan outlines a methodology for assessing four critical areas that firms must consider when looking to make the analytical leap to ensure they are leveraging their data to its maximum potential: data strategy, data culture, data analysis and implementation, and data management and architecture. Lawrence discusses each of these areas in depth, including Cicero’s methodology for assessing performance, common pitfalls the company has seen across industries, and lessons learned along the way.

Topics include:

  • Data strategy: Lawrence defines a corporate-aligned data strategy and links it to specific key performance indicators. Data decisions clearly tie to overall corporate strategy, which is linked to smart KPIs that are articulated and communicated to employees at all levels.
  • Data culture: Data beats through the heart of the organization, starting with the leadership team and running all the way through the most junior employee. The leadership team promotes data use at all levels, individuals at every level have broad access to data, and employees are trained to make decisions and pursue initiatives based on data.
  • Data management and architecture: Data governance is a top priority, with a focus on data acquisition, availability, accuracy, and quality. Comprehensive and consistent data is being sourced, and the data can be linked across departments and teams
  • Data analysis, visualization, and implementation: Technical capabilities are found throughout the organization. Correct analytical techniques are used to tackle both large and small questions, and changes to policies, action plans, and tactics are made based on the analytical findings.
Photo of Lawrence Cowan

Lawrence Cowan

Cicero Group

Lawrence Cowan is a partner and advanced analytics practice leader with the Cicero Group, where he has spent the last decade building the company’s analytics practice and helping Fortune 500 firms solve real business challenges with data, including attrition, segmentation, sales prioritization, pricing, and customer satisfaction. He also leads the firm in predictive analytics and big data-related engagements, applying Cicero’s deep expertise in strategy execution to ensure data delivers ROI, and has partnered with companies to help them to shift from reactive to predictive analytics by collecting and analyzing real-time information and distributing it across the organization— allowing management to make better, faster decisions that move the business forward. Lawrence is a frequent speaker and thought leader in the advanced analytics space, at events such as Predictive Analytics World for Business and Workforce and Global Big Data Conference, as well as serving as chairperson for the Data Analytics Leaders Event—the place where data chiefs and BI and analytics function heads come together to explore accelerating the path of data to value. His views and recommendations on big data and advanced analytics have been published in CIO Review and Predictive Analytics Times. Lawrence holds an MS in predictive analytics from Northwestern University, an MBA with an emphasis in business economics from Westminster College, and a BA from Brigham Young University.