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Make Data Work
September 11, 2018: Training & Tutorials
September 12–13, 2018: Keynotes & Sessions
New York, NY

Improving patient screening by applying predictive analytics to electronic medical records.

Ian Brooks (Cloudera)
1:30pm–2:00pm Tuesday, 09/11/2018
Data-driven business management
Location: 1E 10 Level: Intermediate

The power of big data continues to modernize traditional industries including healthcare. Precision medicine attempts to develop a medical practice tailored to an individual, with the goal of improving their healthcare. Ian Brooks explains how to implement intelligent preventive screening for conditions by applying electronic medical records (EMR) to predictive analytics via supervised machine learning techniques.

Ian shares an end-to-end automated solution for identifying individuals whom may be at risk for metabolic syndrome and would potentially be candidates for additional screening practices and details the components of the solution, which include ingesting and indexing the raw medical records with Apache Solr, applying machine learning to them in Apache Spark, and displaying the results in a Apache Zeppelin notebook. Join in to learn how a healthcare organization can collaborate with its IT group to utilize the power of big data.

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Ian Brooks


Ian Brooks is a solutions engineer at Cloudera. He is incredibly passionate over the power of data. Ian holds a PhD in computer science.