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Make Data Work
September 25–26, 2017: Training
September 26–28, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Schedule: AI sessions

11:20am12:00pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Machine Learning & Data Science
Location: 1A 12/14 Level: Intermediate
Mikio Braun (Zalando)
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(3.71, 7 ratings)
Deep learning has become the go-to solution for many application areas, such as image classification or speech processing, but does it work for all application areas? Mikio Braun offers background on deep learning and shares his practical experience working with these exciting technologies. Read more.
2:55pm3:35pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Elsie Kenyon (Nara Logics)
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(2.67, 3 ratings)
Enterprises today pursue AI applications to replace logic-based expert systems in order to learn from customer and operational signals. But training data is often limited or nonexistent, and applying or extrapolating the wrong dataset can be costly to a company's business and reputation. Elsie Kenyon explains how to harness institutional human knowledge to augment data in deployed AI solutions. Read more.
1:15pm1:55pm Thursday, September 28, 2017
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science
Location: 1A 12/14 Level: Beginner
Richard Tibbetts (Tableau)
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(2.75, 4 ratings)
Businesses have spent decades trying to make better decisions by collecting and analyzing structured data. New AI technologies are beginning to transform this process. Richard Tibbetts explores AI that guides business analysts to ask statistically sensible questions and lets junior data scientists answer questions in minutes that previously took trained statisticians hours. Read more.