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Make Data Work
September 25–26, 2017: Training
September 26–28, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Schedule: Financial services sessions

9:00am5:00pm Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Location: 1E 07/08
Bradford Cross (DCVC), Robert Passarella (Alpha Features), Jason Morton (Ascendant), Leigh Drogen (Estimize), Bob Levy (Virtual Cove, Inc.), Abraham Thomas (Quandl), Alistair Croll (Solve For Interesting), Robert Passarella (Alpha Features), Vincent-Charles Hodder (Local Logic), Priya Koul (American Express), Tanvi Singh (Credit Suisse), José Ribau (CIBC), Michael Beal (Data Capital Management), Jike Chong (LinkedIn | Tsinghua University)
Finance is information. From analyzing risk and detecting fraud to predicting payments and improving customer experience, data technologies are transforming the financial industry. And we're diving deep into this change with a new day of data-meets-finance talks, tailored for Strata Data Conference events in the world's financial hubs. Read more.
11:20am12:00pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Atul Dalmia (American Express)
Big data decisioning is critical to driving real-time business decisions in our digital age. But how do you begin the transformation to big data? The key is enterprise adoption across a variety of end users. Atul Dalmia shares best practices learned from American Express's five-year journey, the biggest challenges you’ll face, and ideas on how to solve them. Read more.
11:20am12:00pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Machine Learning & Data Science
Location: 1A 08/10 Level: Intermediate
Justin Bleich (Coatue Management)
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Prophet is a Bayesian nonlinear time series forecasting model recently released by Facebook. Justin Bleich explains how Coatue—a hedge fund that uses data science to drive investment decisions—extends Prophet to include exogenous covariates when generating forecasts and applies it to nowcasting macroeconomic series using higher-frequency data available from sources such as Google Trends. Read more.
1:15pm1:55pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Big data and the Cloud, Data Engineering & Architecture
Location: 1A 21/22 Level: Advanced
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John Hitchingham shares insights into the design and operation of FINRA's data lake in the AWS cloud, where FINRA extracts, transforms, and loads over 75B transactions per day. Users can query across petabytes of data in seconds on AWS S3 using Presto and Spark—all while maintaining security and data lineage. Read more.
2:05pm2:45pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Enterprise adoption, Strata Business Summit
Location: 1A 18 Level: Intermediate
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At Visa, the process of optimizing the enterprise data warehouse and consolidating data marts by migrating these analytic workloads to Hadoop has played a key role in the adoption of the platform and how data has transformed Visa as an organization. Nandu Jayakumar and Justin Erickson share Visa’s journey along with some best practices for organizations migrating workloads to Hadoop. Read more.
2:55pm3:35pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Location: 1E 14 Level: Non-technical
Nick Curcuru (Mastercard)
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Cybersecurity is now a topic in the boardroom, as organizations are scrambling to increase their security posture. To decrease breach threats, Mastercard brings data security into its system design process. Nick Curcuru shares best practices and lessons learned protecting 160 million transactions per hour over Mastercard's network and securing 16+ petabytes of data at rest. Read more.
2:55pm3:35pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Visualization & user experience
Location: 1E 15/16 Level: Beginner
Julia Rodriguez (Eagle Investment Systems)
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(4.00, 3 ratings)
While the value of data and its role in informing decisions and communications is well known, its meaning can be incorrectly interpreted without data visualizations that provide context and accurate representation of the underlying numbers. Julie Rodriguez shares new approaches and visual design methods that provide a greater perspective of the data. Read more.
2:55pm3:35pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Data science & advanced analytics, Strata Business Summit
Location: 1A 18 Level: Intermediate
Tobi Bosede (Johns Hopkins)
Whether an entity seeks to create trading algorithms or mitigate risk, predicting trade volume is an important task. Focusing on futures trading that relies on Apache Spark for processing the large amount data, Tobi Bosede considers the use of penalized regression splines for trade volume prediction and the relationship between price volatility and trade volume. Read more.
4:35pm5:15pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science
Location: 1A 12/14 Level: Intermediate
Nadeem Gulzar (Danske Bank Group), Sune Askjær (Think Big Analytics, a Teradata Company)
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Fraud in banking is an arms race, and criminals are now using machine learning to improve their attack effectiveness. Sune Askjaer and Nadeem Gulzar explore how Danske Bank uses deep learning for better fraud detection, covering model effectiveness, TensorFlow versus boosted decision trees, operational considerations in training and deploying models, and lessons learned along the way. Read more.
5:25pm6:05pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Karthik Ramasamy (Streamlio), Supun Kamburugamuve (Indiana University)
Modern enterprises are data driven and want to move at light speed. To achieve real-time performance, financial applications use streaming infrastructures for low latency and high throughput. Twitter Heron is an open source streaming engine with low latency around 14 ms. Karthik Ramasamy and Supun Kamburugamuvee explain how they ported Heron to Infiniband to achieve latencies as low as 7 ms. Read more.
5:25pm6:05pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Visualization & user experience
Location: 1E 15/16 Level: Beginner
John Horcher (Virtual Cove)
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(5.00, 1 rating)
Immersive reality enables powerful new information design concepts. Most importantly, the new technology enables the telling of powerful stories using more insightful thinking. John Horcher explores how immersive reality deployments in financial markets have enabled quicker time to insight and therefore better decision making. Read more.
1:15pm1:55pm Thursday, September 28, 2017
Data engineering, Machine Learning & Data Science
Location: 1A 06/07 Level: Intermediate
Steven Totman (Cloudera), Faraz Rasheed (TD Bank)
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Steven Totman and Faraz Rasheed offer an overview of Griffin, a high-level, easy-to-use framework built on top of Spark, which encapsulates the complexities of common model development tasks within four phases: data understanding, feature extraction, model development, and serving modeling results. Read more.
2:55pm3:35pm Thursday, September 28, 2017
Business case studies, Strata Business Summit
Location: 1A 18 Level: Non-technical
Moderated by:
Steven Totman (Cloudera)
Siew Choo Soh (DBS Bank), Meena Ram (CIBC), David Leach (Qrious)
Big data and the cloud have spread around the world, and Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are already seeing dramatic investments and returns. In a panel moderated by Steve Totman, senior executives from a variety of leading companies, including DBS, CIBC, and Qrious, share use cases, challenges, and how to be successful. Read more.