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September 25–26, 2017: Training
September 26–28, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Francois Orsini

Francois Orsini
Chief Technology Officer, MZ


Francois Orsini is the chief technology officer for MZ’s Satori business unit. Previously, he served as vice president of platform engineering and chief architect, bringing his expertise in building server-side architecture and implementation for a next-gen social and server platform; was a database architect and evangelist at Sun Microsystems; and worked in OLTP database systems, middleware, and real-time infrastructure development at companies like Oracle, Sybase, and Cloudscape. Francois has extensive experience working with database and infrastructure development, honing his expertise in distributed data management systems, scalability, security, resource management, HA cluster solutions, and soft real-time and connectivity services. He also collaborated with Visa International and Visa USA to implement the first Visa Cash Virtual ATM for the internet and founded a VC-backed startup called Unikala in 1999. Francois holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and computer sciences from the Paris Institute of Technology.


4:35pm5:15pm Thursday, September 28, 2017
Secondary topics:  IoT, Streaming
Arun Kejariwal (Independent), Francois Orsini (MZ), Dhruv Choudhary (MZ)
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Services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify popularized streaming in different industry segments, but these services do not center around live data—best exemplified by sensor data—which will be increasingly important in the future. Arun Kejariwal, Francois Orsini, and Dhruv Choudhary demonstrate how to leverage Satori to collect, discover, and react to live data feeds at ultralow latencies. Read more.