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Make Data Work
September 25–26, 2017: Training
September 26–28, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Shirshanka Das

Shirshanka Das
Principal Staff Software Engineer and Architect, LinkedIn

Shirshanka Das is a principal staff software engineer and the architect for LinkedIn’s analytics platforms and applications team. He was among the original authors of a variety of open and closed source projects built at LinkedIn, including Databus, Espresso, and Apache Helix. He’s working with his team to simplify the big data analytics space at LinkedIn through a multitude of mostly open source projects, including Pinot, a high-performance distributed OLAP engine; Gobblin, a data lifecycle management platform for Hadoop; WhereHows, a data discovery and lineage platform; and Dali, a data virtualization layer for Hadoop.


2:55pm3:35pm Thursday, September 28, 2017
Data Engineering & Architecture, Law, ethics, governance
Location: 1A 01/02 Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Media
Shirshanka Das (LinkedIn), Tushar Shanbhag (LinkedIn)
Shirshanka Das and Tushar Shanbhag explore the big data ecosystem at LinkedIn and share its journey to preserve member privacy while providing data democracy. Shirshanka and Tushar focus on three foundational building blocks for scalable data management that can meet data compliance regulations: a central metadata system, an integrated data movement platform, and a unified data access layer. Read more.